April 11, 2020

CLP00 - Intro to Combat & Motor Learning [START HERE]

CLP00 - Intro to Combat & Motor Learning  [START HERE]

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Welcome to the Combat Learning Podcast episode 0! This is an introductory episode meant to frame what this show is all about and get you up to speed on some important concepts we’ll be discussing throughout the podcast.

We define and discuss these important, recurring Combat Learning topics:

  1. The science of motor learning & how it can help us become and create vastly better martial artists
  2. Performance & why it's important for validating learning
    1. Motor skills
    2. A basic motor skill classification system to help us understand what we’re dealing with when we try to understand martial arts skills
    3. And perhaps the most important concept: Transfer of Learning


NOTE: Combat Learning is a brand new podcast, so you will find that these early episodes make a few shifts in format as they go along. This is normal for new podcasts because we’re finding our groove. On that point, your patience and feedback is much appreciated.

While most of the content will be interviews, I'll be experimenting with other content styles as well, so be sure to let me know what you like and don't like.

If you have feedback for me, leave a message at facebook.com/combatlearning or email me at josh@combatlearning.com.


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(For those of you listening to this pre-launch, the Combat Learning Podcast officially releases on April 17th, 2020)

This podcast was produced by Micah Peacock


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