Dec. 13, 2020

[Bonus #4] Martial Arts Gyms Should Reopen & Stay Open

[Bonus #4] Martial Arts Gyms Should Reopen & Stay Open

Welcome to the Combat Learning Podcast! This is  bonus episode 4 and will be the last bonus episode between season 1 and season 2.

Fair warning: if you think any dissent from the broader narrative on coronavirus is science-denial, this episode is not for you. It isn't science denial, actually, but you're too sensitive to handle the content of this episode.

Also fair warning, this episode is very raw and not very structured. My guest and I are upset at the state of the economy, especially the martial arts industry, and at the inconsistent messages from the government and media throughout the pandemic.

And before slander and hate spreads about me anywhere, this podcast does not promote the idea that the coronavirus is fake or that people have not died because of it. It is real and people have died. Instead, we argue that the Focused Protection approach is superior to balancing all valid concerns surrounding health, life, freedom, and the economy. Moreover, we contend that the rhetoric and response during COVID-19 is inconsistent with our previous attitudes about comparable health crises.

At some point, I think I referred to the Great Barrington Declaration as the Barringer Declaration. I don't know why I got this wrong because I read the Declaration and I do have it linked in the show notes for you.

I also have a link to an interview with the World Health Organization's David Nabarro. In this interview, he advocates for a middle ground that is functionally the same as the Focused Protection approach.
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