Feb. 16, 2023

CLP34 - The "Two Factor Model" of Strength & Conditioning for Martial Arts w/ Nick Delgadillo

CLP34 - The

Today I'm joined by Nick Delgadillo, Starting Strength Coach, Head of Corporate Development at Starting Strength, and a lifelong martial artist.

In this episode, Nick unpacks common misconceptions about strength training and how conditioning works for most athletes in combat sports.

He introduces to the the so-called "Two Factor Model" of strength and conditioning for sports. Rather than spread your precious workout time across accessory exercises, he argues that most martial artists are better served by moving up their numbers on the big 4 compound lifts:

- Back squat
- Bench press
- Overhead press
- Deadlift

This keeps conditioning work and sport-specific work properly separated.

Nick also gives tips on how to balance novice programming with the recovery demands of combat sports practice. If you're looking for a simple way to improve your performance on the mat, this episode is for you.

Also, this is a special topic. The Combat Learning Podcast is and will remain focused on perceptual-motor learning, but I thought this would be a welcome and insightful pattern break from the usual episode subject matter.

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