Nov. 8, 2022

CLP32 - The "Environment Design Principles": A Constraints-Led Approach to Martial Arts Deep Dive w/ Ian Renshaw

CLP32 - The

Today I'm joined by Dr. Ian Renshaw, Associate Professor in Exercise & Nutrition Science at Queensland University of Technology at Brisbane. Professor Renshaw is a major researcher in the Constraints-led Approach to motor learning. In fact, you'll see his name on several of the books and studies recommended throughout the Combat Learning Podcast.

In this episode, Professor Renshaw teaches the "Environment Design Principles," a set of 4 considerations that help guide us into creating effective constraints-led training sessions. Those principles are:

- Session intention.
- Constrain to afford.
- Representative learning design.
- Repetition without repetition.

If you've ever struggled to take the broad principles of CLA and create a framework for consistently designing good practices, this is the missing piece for you.

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