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Aug. 15, 2022

CLP29 - Why EVERYONE is Wrong About Olympic Taekwondo w/ Thomas Huskey

CLP29 - Why EVERYONE is Wrong About Olympic Taekwondo w/ Thomas Huskey

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Today I'm joined again by one of my best friends, Master Thomas Huskey, a 4th dan in taekwondo and a fairly accomplished Olympic TKD coach in his own right.

In this episode, Thomas and I begin by explaining in detail why martial artists outside of taekwondo are wrong in their criticisms of it. Then we transition our ire inward towards the taekwondo community itself, and why it is also wrong about its own criticisms of the Olympic style.

Please be forewarned, this was immediately following a lot of drama after the summer Olympics last year (2021). Our tone is generally very condescending and bombastic, but we don't mean to upset people who have made these criticisms before. In reality, our tone was in direct response to a few individuals who decided they were going to be obnoxious and unfair in how they responded to some significant victories for Team USA in the Olympics at that time. So full disclosure, we were agitated.

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